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Reaffirmation ceremonies

If you are already married but would like to renew your marriage

vows, our Registrars offer a reaffirmation ceremony – a unique and

personal way to celebrate your original wedding vows.

Although these ceremonies are often associated with a special

anniversary, they can be performed at any time in your marriage.

They have no legal implication but are a public statement of your

continued commitment to each other.

Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is a great way to celebrate a child or children

arriving into the family and officially announce the names you have

chosen. Children of any age can have a naming ceremony – they are

not just for babies.

While these ceremonies are not legally binding, they are a great way

to include the whole family in a celebration that can be a unique

event for you all.

Reaffirmation and naming ceremonies can take place in one of our

registration offices or at a venue of your choice. At the end of the

ceremony you can be presented with a certificate to mark the

occasion. Ask any of our Registrars for more information.


Other special ceremonies