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Founded by Sir James Colquhoun and named after his wife,

Lady Helen, Helensburgh is Argyll and Bute’s largest town.

Situated on the north shore of the River Clyde opposite

Greenock, Helensburgh provides beautiful views of the estuary

and beyond. Many renowned architects, including Charles

Rennie Mackintosh, Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson and Robert

Wemyss, built magnificent houses in the area for wealthy

Glasgow businessmen attracted to the area’s scenic ambience.

Among the famous people associated with or born in

Helensburgh are Henry Bell, Andrew Bonar Law, John Logie

Baird, Deborah Kerr and Jack Buchanan.

Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre, formerly East Clyde

Street School, was designed by architect Alexander Nisbet

Paterson and constructed in 1903. The architectural quality

and style of the school building reflects the prosperity of late

Victorian Helensburgh. A recently completed transformation of

this building where a large new modern extension was added,

has provided Helensburgh and Lomond with stunning new

Council offices combining old with new, retaining many original

features which have been tastefully restored. The ceremony

suite is located in the heart of the Civic Centre and contains

everything you could wish for on your day. Able to hold 80

Helensburgh and Lomond