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Do we have to have wedding rings?

Your Registrar will check beforehand about whether you will

be exchanging one or two rings. If you choose not to have rings,

be assured that this does not affect the validity of your marriage

at all.

How can we make our ceremony special?

Talk to your Registrar about any enhancements you would like,

such as readings or poetry – your Registrar should see them

before the day.

If we are getting married outside, what happens if it’s raining

on the day?

When you are booking your ceremony, your Registrar will

explain that you must have a wet weather alternative in case

of poor conditions.

Are there any residential qualifications to be married in

Scotland and what documents do we need when we are

submitting marriage notice forms?

Although there are no residential qualifications for getting married

in Scotland, your Registrar will explain all the legal requirements

for your wedding. You can also find these on form RM1 which is

available from any Registrar’s office in Scotland or downloaded

from or

the National Registration Office

website at

Can we have photographs taken and a film recording of our


There are guidelines to ensure that photography or filming does

not distract from the dignity and solemnity of the ceremony.

Your Registrar will advise you on this when you are making

arrangements. You will be asked if you wish your photograph

taken for inclusion in our online wedding gallery and our

Facebook page.

Can we throw confetti?

Confetti can be used, but only outside the building. Please

remind your guests to dispose of empty boxes carefully.

‘‘Thank you for making our day extra special. You made it so very

easy and relaxed which is just how we wanted it.’’