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Frequently asked questions

How many guests are able to attend the ceremony?

Your local Registrar will be happy to advise you about the

accommodation available at your chosen venue.

How much does a civil ceremony cost?

Fees can vary, depending on the type of ceremony and where

and when it takes place. Your Registrar will provide you with

up-to-date information on current fees or you can visit

Can you provide witnesses?

You will need two witnesses, both aged over 16. Your Registrar

may be able to provide witnesses for you if your ceremony is due

to take place Monday to Friday; this will of course be discussed

before your special day.

What time/days of the week do you conduct ceremonies?

Normally ceremonies are carried out Monday to Saturday

during times set by the Local Registrar. If you have special

requirements, please discuss these with your Registrar who

will consider the options.