Welcome to the 2013-14 edition of Bristol First, the Bristol City Council directory of the Construction and Regeneration sector in Bristol.

I hope that this directory will prove invaluable for those new to Bristol and seeking construction resources, or even for those already here who wish to access and strengthen their local networks.

Within this site you will find a CD containing a full listing of all manner of Bristol based companies who provide a wealth of construction related services and products.

As in previous directories this, the fifth edition, showcases the construction activity in the city, this time mainly focused on the beginnings of the major construction task that will be the Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.

Whilst the construction industry generally remains in the doldrums, Bristol continues to enjoy good levels of activity, particularly in the office space market.

Demand for office space is up 84% and the city continues to grow, particularly in Green and Digital Industries activities.


Bristol has the resources and skills to fulfil every aspect of construction activity from new build to refurbishment, from major projects to niche developments.

The City Council continues to invest in new housing, both in its own right and also in partnership with Housing Associations producing developments, one example being the innovative Junction 3 mixed-use development next to the M32 in Easton.

They will also shortly start a programme to retrofit energy saving measures in their harder to improve housing stock as part of the Ready For Retrofit initiative.

Within the editorial pages there are also snapshots of major projects within the city. Some are very recently finished, some just started and some just at the planning stage but all represent the ongoing regeneration of Bristol.

Here too is information about City Council projects and activity and the services they provide to support you. Included are articles about Sustainable Construction and Training services.

Whatever your construction needs someone in Bristol can fulfil it.

I recommend this website, and its accompanying book, to you as your source of information for that need.

Colin Skellet, Chairman
West of England
Local Enterprise Partnership