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Transport & Connectivity
Three Towns Travel
In 2011 the three authorities
of Poole, Bournemouth and
Dorset submitted a joint bid to
the Department for Transport
for funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) .
The scheme, named the ‘Three Towns Corridor’, was designed
to promote sustainable travel along this extremely busy route
through the South East Dorset Conurbation. Bournemouth were
the lead authority, with the relative split being Bournemouth
(50%), Poole (30%), and Dorset (20%). The submission was
supported by a complex technical transport model analysis,
seeking to meet the emerging travel demands across the
conurbation for the next 15 years. The bid ultimately was
successful and an award of £12.122m was made by the DfT in
June 2012. Supporting economic development and reducing
carbon use were the main strategic aims of the programme.
The programme within Poole consists of a number of highway
improvement schemes along the A35 corridor, together
with enhanced traffic management arrangements, bus stop
improvements, traffic signal upgrades, electronic intelligent
transport systems, and a specific agreement with bus operators,
all designed to reduce congestion and to encourage the public
to use these alternative modes of transport.
The considerable amount of work involved in delivering all of
these improvement schemes within the three year programme
(due for completion end of March 2015) was further compounded
by the adoption of the nationally recognised Quality Audit
process, involving extensive public engagement and scheme
consultation. In the event this process has proved itself extremely
beneficial, giving those involved the assurance that the wide range
of views from the public had been properly considered in the
development of schemes. Furthermore, in line with modern urban
design principles, more emphasis has been put on ‘place shaping’,
seeing roads as an opportunity to create a pleasant environment
for people to enjoy and not just as a means for through traffic.
Improvement schemes have already been completed at Shah
of Persia, Poole Railway Station / Vanguard Road, Sea View and
North Road; works are currently underway at Ashley Road and
Poole Road; schemes are being developed for Civic Centre, Ashley
Cross, and general cycling / walking improvements in the Town
Centre. It is envisaged that this programme will be completed
ahead of schedule during 2014.
In addition to this, the existing traffic signals have been upgraded,
CCTV, electronic variable message signs, traffic journey time
measuring equipment, and an associated traffic control room at
the civic centre have been provided so that much more effective
traffic management can now be undertaken along this route.
All of the improvements within Poole have been developed
in the context of the very much larger conurbation-wide LSTF
programme, achieving benefits for the travelling public right across
the conurbation from Poole in the west through Bournemouth
and onward to Christchurch in the east. Furthermore the
programme has been supplemented by an extensive co-ordinated
publicity campaign, designed to provide an explanation as to the
inevitable disruption which has occurred as a result of the works
being undertaken, and also most importantly to advise the public
that they might want to consider making longer term use of the
enhanced sustainable travel opportunities available.
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